Advantages of Bidding at a Car Auction in the Philippines

Advantages of Bidding at a Car Auction in the Philippines

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What are the advantages of bidding at a car auction in the Philippines:

  1. Snappy Turnaround
  2. Unbeatable Value
  3. Quality of Vehicles
  4. Wide Variety


Some may not know the advantages of buying a car at auctions in the Philippines. Most think that it’s not the best place to look if you want to acquire a vehicle. Well, that’s not the case. There are tons of reasons for you to check out car auctions for used cars for sale in the Philippines. Here is a list of advantages of bidding at a car auction:

Snappy TurnaroundSnappy Turnaround

Purchasing a vehicle from your local auto dealership doesn’t grant that you’ll take the car home the moment you pay for it. Usually, you’ll have to make a down payment and wait for the car to be delivered. This could take months or years in some cases; you won’t get your hands on your newly purchased vehicle right away. This could be a difficulty for those who badly need a vehicle immediately.

One advantage of bidding at car auctions in the Philippines is how quick the process of sale is. The turnaround time is quick as car auctions are always looking to speed up the sales of their products. You will have your car within the day of purchase. Those who frequent car auctions for used cars for sale in the Philippines usually do research prior to bidding. That way, they can easily find a car they need and skip all the contemplating. It’s truly of great convenience for anyone to get the vehicle they want right away.


Unbeatable Value

No one can express themselves enough when they talk about the great deals they’ve found at auctions. No other dealer on the vehicle market could rival the prices offered by car auctions. In the Philippines, many used cars in the second hand market that are personally sold by users often overprice their cars and cloak many vehicular issues.

There are claims that some deals even go as low as 30% as compared to other used cars in the second hand market. If you do enough research, you can find your own great deal in these lots. Ideally, it’s best to go for vehicles that were previously used by the government or used company fleet vehicles.

These cars are usually sold at a dime and the best thing about these kinds of cars is that they were regularly services as per government standards. Companies fleet vehicles also followed the standards of keeping their cars in top shape. Other great deals come from repossessed cars. If you’re thinking that repossessed car’s being sold at auctions could be a gamble in terms of their quality, then you should know that cars sold at auctions are always inspected before being sold to people.

Quality of Vehicles

Quality of Vehicles

Vehicles sold at car auctions may give you the impression that they’re being sold because owners want to discard them for being a “lemon”. Well, cars with issues usually never make it to the buyers as car entries go through meticulous quality inspection before showcasing them. This gives every buyer the peace of mind they need if they think they’re going to buy a car with sketchy background.

When a vehicle at an auction rolls down to be showcased, every single detail and history about the car will be described. This gives the buyers knowledge on what exactly they’re bidding on. We can never stress out how much buyers need to research about a certain vehicle.

The reason for which is for the buyers to know what they’re going to purchase. There are certain vehicles sold with aftermarket parts, which are usually mentioned, which may repel some buyers from bidding for that car, but in most cases, these parts actually make the car better.


Wide Variety

Without a shadow of a doubt that cars sold at auctions have a lot of impressive selections to choose from. You could easily find classic collectors models at car auctions. Car auctions usually sell cars without bias toward a certain brand or era. Sedans, coupes, SUVs, and even trucks are a common sight at car auctions.

Wide Variety

You will have no difficulty looking for a perfect commercial car or sports car that fits your needs. The only thing that may be difficult for detailed buyers is the fact that they may find the perfect car they want but not in the color they desire or trim level they’re looking for. Other standards you may have to reconfigure in your mind is the possibility of not getting the vehicle you want at the mileage you wish for.


Key Takeaway

There are a lot of advantages of buying a car at auctions. The standards might even fare better than purchasing a vehicle from your local dealership. You can even get the right car for a much better price. Taking note of these advantages may convince you to visit your local auction houses or take a look at online auctions. Just keep in mind to do some extensive research for the cars on your list.