Films with the Best Auction Scenes

Films with the Best Auction Scenes

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What are the best auction films?

  1. Groundhog Day
  2. Batman and Robin
  3. Confessions of a Shopaholic
  4. The Addams Family


If you’re participating in either online auctions in the Philippines or actual auction events, it is normal to find yourself overwhelmed with the buy and sell of cars or furniture.  It is not surprise that this country doesn’t miss out on the fun when it comes to auctions. Get inspired by these fun and memorable auction scenes from popular films in pop culture.


Groundhog Day

Groundhog Day
Image courtesy of Columbia Pictures


Groundhog Day asks a question about immortality. If given the chance to live forever, how can a person change? Bill Murray plays Phil Connors a reporter who’s tasked to report about the events in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.

Along with his producer Rita Hanson and Larry, they collaborate to film the events of the small town’s Groundhog Day. Phil is then stuck in a time loop where at first he enjoys the small moments he can repeat over and over until he finally convinces himself to break the time loop by breaking his routine.

This film features a scene where Phil gets auctioned off as an eligible bachelor. The ladies really take it up a notch by aggressively bidding on Phil. This movie is one of the most timeless films that Bill Murray ever acted in. The balance of the comedy and the message makes it a favorite amongst many fans. Groundhog Day is also enjoyed by many Buddhists with “Groundhog Day” being directly related to spiritual transcendence.


Batman and Robin

Batman and Robin
Image courtesy of Warner Bros.


One of the films based on the Dark Knight, Batman may be one of the less favorite incarnations of the dark brooding hero but it’s undeniable that the use of props, effects, and makeup is one of the eye-catching versions, a great departure from dark under saturated colors that Batman is known for. The film starts off one year after the defeat of Arkham Asylum locals and the bane of Gotham’s peace and harmony, the Riddler, and Two-Face.

The dynamic duo of Batman and Robin fail to stop Mr. Freeze from stealing some diamonds. Mr. Freeze is formerly a doctor developing a cure for Macgregor’s Syndrome for his wife Nora.

In another part of Wayne Enterprises, botanist Dr. Pamela Isley along with Dr. Jason Woodrue is experimenting on the venom drug. One thing leads to another and Dr. Isley is transformed into the seductive villainess, Poison Ivy. This quirky film features a hilarious auction scene with Batman, Robin and Poison Ivy.


Confessions of a Shopaholic

Confessions of a Shopaholic
Image courtesy of Touchstone Pictures


Isla Fisher stars in this romantic comedy as Rebecca Bloomwood, a shopping addict. She works as a journalist and dreams to work in an elite fashion magazine. Rebecca struggles with debt and her inherent shopping addiction which begins the premise of the film.

On her way to an interview, she decides to buy a green scarf but her credit card is ultimate declined. Her impulsive need to purchase the green scarf has her running to a hotdog stand to get change. Her life starts moving in a different direction once a kind Luke Brandon gives her enough money to get the scarf for herself.

Unknown to her at the moment, Luke is the editor of the magazine, Successful Saving, the interview which she was on her way to. Feeling defeated she leaves and writes letters to Successful Saving and the fashion magazine Alette.

However, she sends the wrong letters to the wrong magazines. However, Luke hires her, impressed with the letter that she wrote for Alette. Elated, instead of finishing her column assignment, Rebecca purchases a cashmere coat from a clothing sale.

Upon inspecting the coat, she realizes it’s not real cashmere. This gives her an idea for a new column and submits it to Luke. Afraid to use her real name for the column, Luke suggests the alias “The Girl in The Green Scarf” which brings instant success.

The green scarf for Rebecca is an important symbol. It truly drives the story. Looking deeper, it’s not only a story about money management, but also debt and taking responsibility. Towards the end, Rebecca auctions her famous green scarf to pay her debts. A lot of people can take lessons from Rebecca. She’s a good writer, a caring person, and ultimately overcame her addiction.


The Addams Family

The Addams Family
Image courtesy of Metro Goldwyn Mayer


The Addams Family is a classic film that’s about a family that doesn’t fit a mold. Contrary to most comedies and romance films, the Addams family has a loving relationship with each other. Morticia and Gomez are in a passionate loving, healthy relationship that is rare for film media at that time.

The Addams Family film of 1991, is a fun family film filled with darkness and macabre. Each scene is decorated with muted tones and Gothic props. A particular auction scene stands out when a jewel-encrusted Chinese finger trap is up for bids. Morticia and Gomez begin to outbid each other with much gusto.


Key Takeaway

Each film featured shows a similar process to the buy and sell cars or any other item, really. The community of online auction in the Philippines  is filled with many items for bidding. Take notes from these films above for a great auction and bidding experience.