Buy and Sell Cars Philippines Most Valuable Car Parts

Buy and Sell Cars Philippines: Most Valuable Car Parts

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What are some of the most valuable used car parts?

  1. Shocks and Coil Springs
  2. Radio
  3. Wheels
  4. Engine Block
  5. Cylinder Head
  6. Suspension Parts
  7. Wire Harness
  8. Original Headlights
  9. Tail Light
  10.  Turbo Charger



Participating in an auction is a thrilling way to buy your items below the market price. You can buy and sell cars in the Philippines by going to live and online auctions. Even if your car is way past their serviceable life, there is still value in parts that can be salvaged. Here are used car parts that are still valuable in the market.


Shocks and Coil Springs

Shocks and Coil Springs

Shocks and coil springs are vital to any vehicle as they support the weight of your car and help stabilize the car in rough driving conditions. They expand and compress when there are dips or curves in the road. Some coil springs can also store energy and release it at a later time. Coil springs can reach up to PHP 30,000 depending on the model.



A good quality car radio can still sell fairly well in the buy and sell market. It’s a good option to buy second hand if you can’t afford a brand new radio. Brand new radios can cost around PHP 20,000 depending on the supplier.





Well-maintained wheels can bring in profits for about PHP 15,000 per wheel. A car enthusiast can find great deals on chrome and alloy rims. The center bore of the wheel allows the wheel to fit in the axle. Wheels are made with different methods. Casting uses molten metal in the mold. Flow forming uses a stretching method in which metal is poured into the mold while heat and pressure shape, stretch and form the wheel. Forging is a popular method of making a wheel by using aluminum and aluminum alloy. The billet is then forged into shape.



Engine Block

The engine block is the heaviest part of the engine. The engine block houses the cylinders for the pistons. It’s either made of cast iron or aluminum alloy. One engine block can cost up to PHP 30,000 and above depending on the age, condition, and model.



Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head

The cylinder head houses the intake and exhaust valves. The passages of the cylinder head allow air and fuel to flow inside while simultaneously exhausting gas out. It also channels the coolant to cool down the engine block. Most cylinder heads are made out of cast iron. Aluminum is used for race and premium cars. There are three types of cylinder heads, flathead, overhead valve, and an overhead camshaft. The price will set you back up to PHP 35,000 based on the model and condition.


Suspension Parts

The suspension system is a part of the chassis which are located at the bottom of the body of the car. The frame is a structural loading component that supports the engine and the body. The suspension system supports the weight, absorbs shock and helps maintain tire contact. Ensure that the components of your suspension parts are functional and are in good condition.


Wire Harness

Wire Harness

The wire harness connects devices and delivers the electricity and signals to the car. It is a set of organized wires, connectors, and terminals that transmit energy and information in the vehicle. The wire harness of the automobile is considered the “veins” of the car.


Original Headlights

Headlamps or headlights are lamps that are attached to the front of the vehicle. New headlight technology is already emerging in the market. The headlight housing holds the bulb used for the headlight. A car can have a reflector type headlight or projector type headlight.

There are many variables of bulbs and new functions. Halogens are the simplest but produce too much heat. Xenon bulbs provide better light and color than halogen lights. LED bulbs are still relatively new but draw very little power while still producing enough light. Headlights can be as cheap as PHP 400 and as expensive as PHP 2,500.



Tail Lights

Tail Light

Tail lights are responsible for providing safety in road traffic, especially at nighttime. Rear lights include tail lights, brake lights, turn signals, reversing lights, and rear fog lights. Brand new tail lights can cost up to PHP 6,000.


Turbo Charger

Turbochargers can increase the car’s horsepower. It compresses the air flowing in the engine cylinder. More air means more fuel. Mechanical power is increased and the efficiency of the combustion process improves, all with the same size engine. This leads to better fuel efficiency and better weight.



Key Takeaway

Great deals can be found in an online auction to buy and sell cars. The Philippines is a catalog of high-quality second-hand parts with great prices. The internal parts of the body of a car are in high demand. The buying and selling prices of each part are all dependent on the condition, model and location you source it from. Be sure to research market prices to make a proper decision in choosing the best car part for you.