Car Auction in the Philippines 7 Tips for Bidding Beginners

Car Auction in the Philippines: 7 Tips for Bidding Beginners

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What are car auction tips for bidding beginners?

  1. Know something about cars
  2. Set aside money for repairs
  3. Know the car’s history
  4. Keep the vehicle’s condition into perspective
  5. Always bid on an odd number
  6. Practice honesty when bidding
  7. Value functionality


A car auction in the Philippines is a great way to find vehicles that are worth your time. If you are a beginner, you should avoid going to an auction blindsided. Use your eyes, heart, and mind to score the best car you can get. If you’re lucky, you can even get the car of your dreams. Cars at public auctions can be quickly reconditioned and be back in tip-top shape. Let’s explore some practical notes that you need to remember before diving into the world of auctioning:


Know Something About Cars

Know Something About Cars

Knowing a thing or two about cars helps you make the most out of a car auction. It is not just about knowing the model, variation, and year of the car (although this is important) it is also about the way that the auction house presented the vehicle.

When you also have the chance to test drive a car, you should know if it is fit for the performance you are aiming for in a car. If you are lacking knowledge in the automobile department, then you can bring someone who knows about cars. Trusted mechanics will tell you if the car you are bidding for is a great investment which can save you a lot of trouble in the future.


Set Aside Money for Repairs

The reality of it all is that scoring a brand new car at an auction is unlikely. Although there are some car auctions in the Philippines with an extensive roster of cars, bidding for something that is relatively low-priced might land you a vehicle with mechanical issues. So when you are lucky enough to acquire a car that is cheap but needs potential repairs or cosmetic work, it would be wise to set aside cash for this purpose. You should also include towing costs on the budget, especially if you are eyeing a particular vintage car up for restoration.


Know the Car’s History

It wouldn’t hurt to have somewhat of a background intel on the vehicle you want at a car auction. Ask the auction house if the decent car condition is attributed to their regular maintenance or purely from where the car originally came from.

If you see a potential problem with the car you want, then it’s best to put good faith into the auction house and conduct a thorough background check. Doing this can make all the difference in your car ownership, saving you from hassles in the long run.


Keep the Vehicle’s Condition into Perspective

Keep the Vehicle’s Condition into Perspective

Buying a car will cause you to save a lot more on transportation costs. It is also a great way to stay comfortable even when you are faced with heavy traffic. You can definitely get your money’s worth in a car auction, that’s a guarantee. But as previously mentioned, you also have to put the car’s overall condition into account. Go with your gut, feel if the car exceeds your budget. Shelling out money for a car that is nowhere near your standard will be problematic in the long run. The car that you purchase may be bound to you for years, so it is best to choose wisely.


Always Bid on an Odd Number

Although this is just a little page off the book of auctioneers who rely on peculiar techniques to get the item that they are gunning for, this is a trick that seasoned auctioneers have mastered. Bidding on an odd number can throw off the competition and you will exude a dominant effect during the live auction.


Practice Honesty When Bidding

If you don’t have the resources to claim the car that you want, then you should know that honesty is key. Do not sell yourself short, but also, you should not be overly competitive in terms of buying. If you are in the market for a cheap vehicle, expect expensive repairs. If you’re lucky, you can get a vehicle that is free from all the hassle. Do not rely on your whims alone. Check if you will exceed your budget, and if it does, then it would the better and wiser option not to go through with it.


Value Functionality

Value Functionality

When it comes to online shopping in the Philippines, you should not rely on visual inspection alone. Examine everything in line with the standard of functionality that you are aiming for. Cosmetic appearance is important, but you should know that a vehicle’s performance is maximum priority. Do not have an uneven stance when it comes to bidding for a car because this can ultimately be your downfall.


Key Takeaway

Just like online shopping in the Philippines, car auctions allow you to have rapid transactions for getting the vehicle that you want. Always remember that the items that you get at an auction can serve as lifelong investments, so you have to be careful when participating in them. Use this article as a guide if ever you begin your journey to the world of the auction industry.