5 Things to Remember to Make Your Items Sellable

5 Things to Remember to Make Your Items Sellable

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What are the tips you need to follow in order to make your items sellable?

  1. Make your profile as descriptive as possible
  2. List down every product detail
  3. Offer several payment options
  4. Use high resolution photos
  5. Reply to inquiries as quickly as possible


It may be tricky to sell things at online auctions in the Philippines or in fact, at online stores in general. How do online sellers manage to successfully sell their items and eventually make a living out of it? Well, there are some tips that you could follow in order to be successful in selling your items online. Here they are:


Make your Profile as Descriptive as Possible

Make Your Profile as Descriptive as Possible

Selling at online auction sites or any kind of online selling platform may be tricky as there could be thousands out there selling the same products. One way to stand out is to have a decent user profile. Having a descriptive profile about yourself and the items you sell could highly convince a buyer to purchase from your list of products.

A highly descriptive user profile portrays that you are an honest seller. It also shows buyers that you are trustworthy. Just don’t give off any information that may be personal, just enough for them to confirm who you are. Buyers need to feel secure especially when transacting through the virtual world. Setting a profile picture and a brief description of yourself could be enough to confirm who you are to the public.


List Down Every Product Detail

A buyer who is looking for a certain product will want to know every single detail about the product they’re scouting for. This is even more emphasized with used products. Never let a buyer ask too many questions about a product you are selling. A thorough list of product details, buyers can quickly decide on choosing your product without any delays.

As a buyer, it’s natural to look through a number of the same product in order to compare which one will be the best to choose. A listing with few or lacking details compared to one with a full list, buyers are likely to choose the latter. A seller who can list down every single detail, even the issues about the things they’re selling will let buyers know that the seller is honest and will be easy to deal with if ever they make contact.

Online auctions in the Philippines will always have a “description” section about a product listing. This is probably the most important section that every buyer will base their decision on. A well described product will guide buyers and inform them about everything they need to know about their sale.


Offer Several Payment Options

Offer Several Payment Options

Selling items with various payment options will likely increase your chance to sell an item. It’s also good to consider that some buyers may be limited when it comes to payment options. Not everybody who shops online owns a credit card or have a PayPal account.

To increase the chances of selling your items, you could offer e-wallet payments and over-the-counter bank deposits as well. Increasing your payment method also lets buyers choose which mode of payment is most convenient for them. If you accept checks, let your buyer know that their shipment may have a slight delay as checks need to be confirmed to prevent scams and to clear the check.


Use High Resolution Photos

It’s essential for buyers to see exactly what you’re selling. But don’t just post one photo of your product. The more pictures you have for one product; the more views it will garner. It’s also important to take photos of from every angle.

The more attractive your photos are, the higher the chances of your product to be discovered. If you pit two products together, one with high-quality photos and another one with bad quality, despite being in the same condition, chances are that the posting with better photos will sell faster.


Reply to Inquiries as Quickly as Possible

Reply to Inquiries as Quickly as Possible

Every customer loves a seller who is quick to respond. This shows that you are on your toes with your products and that’s a good sign for the public. Buyers will likely give you good feedback for simply responding instantly to their queries.

This will boost the reputation of your user account which will make you more discoverable online. Many online auction sites have user reviews for sellers, being rated high with positive comments will help your products sell online as buyers won’t have to think twice about purchasing products from you.


Key Takeaway

There are many techniques in order for your items to sell. But these tips are guaranteed to make your products sell like pancakes. It’s really important to hold a good reputation. Gaining your buyer’s trust is incredibly difficult especially when your identity online is unknown to them.

The secret of online selling rests in great descriptions and accommodating to all your customer’s needs. And as long as you include every fine detail, make yourself known, and have great user review, then you’ll find success in selling your products online.