Top Brands for Second Hand Cars

Top Brands for Second Hand Cars

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What are the top brands for second-hand cars?

  1. Toyota
  2. Hyundai
  3. Lexus
  4. Volvo



A car worth your time at a car auction in the Philippines is an automobile that will still be great to drive even under a second ownership. These cars are usually from manufacturing brands that have maintained a good reputation in the industry for many years. Their creations are demanded by customers because these vehicles last a long time due to their reliability, low costs for maintenance, and their ability to protect customers safely from all types of accidents. Below are some of the top brands when it comes to second-hand cars:





This Japanese brand is well known for its reliable cars, and in one 2015 reliability study, it even earned the number two spot. It not only lasts longer than most cars by not breaking down quickly, but its repair costs are not as frequent. Lastly, average models released in 2018 are expected to keep 35 percent of their original value after 5 years because they don’t break down easily.

Because of their brand reputation, any Toyota models you find at car auctions in the Philippines will definitely be worth your money. There is one model though you want to especially look out for with car auctions in the Philippines, which is the Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla, despite its small size, has become the most popular car. It has dominated the market and sold more than 40 million vehicles since 1996. Customers continually demand this specific model because the brand keeps improving its fuel economy, safety, and reliability while keeping its simple design.




Hyundai is proof that Korean cars aren’t inferior to the brands of other countries, such as Japan. Korean cars were known to be low-priced but easy to destroy. Hyundai still prides itself on selling inexpensive vehicles without going cheap on the quality.

In terms of size, the brand specializes in creating reliable compact cars. With J.D. Power’s reliability ratings, Hyundai scored a three out of five. It’s top two compact cars models, according to ALG’s Residual Value Awards are:


  • Accent

It is the smallest car Hyundai has to offer and stands out because of high horsepower (hp), frugal fuel economy, and safety features. Its hp is around 138, making it easy to accelerate in high-speed roads, and a gallon gives you 27 miles of driving.


  • Elantra

Unlike the Accent, this tiny model also offers luxury amenities such as heated rear seats and touchscreen technology. Additionally, it has good mileage with its 1.6 litter mill capable of 126 horsepower at full tank. Its interior style impresses drivers because it leans towards a sleek design, with European inspiration.

All of these compact cars are meant to be everyday vehicles you can use to commute to work and complete your daily responsibilities.





Used Lexus cars for sale in the Philippines are the vehicles to buy when you want luxury cars without having to pay the luxury price. It even won the 2018 Best Resale Value Awards with the Lexus GS. Just like its sister company Toyota, it’s a car that remains reliable for a long time.

Luxury cars have always been loved for their high-performance speed, special features that make driving a breeze, good interior design, and very stylish exteriors. Yet, a lot of these vehicles also become expensive to maintain because of these features.

Lexus sets itself by having cars that don’t need much money when it comes to repairs, therefore making them last a long time. This makes it a good investment for people who don’t have much money yet but still want the high-end driving experience.

When it comes to used cars for sale in the Philippines, the Lexus IS is a top pick because it can cost only up to $15,000.




The automaker is the brand to go for if you want safety in a luxury car. The brand even has a vision for 2020, where no one will be injured or killed in a Volvo car by that year. While their vehicles are a bit more expensive to maintain than the Lexus, every car you get from them will always have the best safety features in the industry.

A used Volvo car for sale in the Philippines, despite its old stage and experiences, will still be able to defend you if car accidents happen to you in the future.

Since Volvo is one of the pricier luxury brands, you should look out for models that focus completely on safety. These may have more basic designs, but they are cheaper and will get the job done. The brand’s S60 model is a good example. When second-hand ones are being sold, these vehicles can run for as low as $5,000.



Key Takeaway

A second-hand car’s worthiness at car auctions can be based on their automaker’s brand. Some top brands have kept a good reputation in the industry because they are long-lasting due to their reliability, low maintenance costs, and ability to keep drivers safe in car accidents. Toyota, Hyundai, Lexus, and Volvo are brands you should look out for when you want a good second-hand car.