Top Items People Purchase at Online Auctions

Top Items People Purchase at Online Auctions

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What are the top items that people purchase at online auctions?

  1. Personalized items
  2. Vintage or hard-to-find items
  3. Collector’s items
  4. Used and restored items
  5. Cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets
  6. Video games and consoles
  7. Quality shoes and clothes


It is without a doubt that online auctions in the Philippines have become a place for any individual on the prowl for great deals. People go to online auctions simply because they are much more convenient as opposed to preparing, traveling, and making their way towards a physical outlet.

Online auctions have a wide variety of items to choose from. People will always look for items that they really love, whether unique or rare items that spark their memories, or just simply for the passion of collecting specific merchandise. If you’re looking to get rid of several belongings that are just taking up space in your home, chances are that there is a group of buyers who are willing to bid for them. The options are truly endless. Let’s take a look at the top items people usually purchase at online auctions:


Personalized Items

Most of the consumers who regularly do online shopping in the Philippines are millennials. They are interested in all things customizable. Be it a customized iPhone case, knapsack, jewelry, they want products that fit their personal taste. For the most part, once a millennial sees something that they like, he or she will almost automatically make the purchase before anyone else can have it. Online sellers can also include services on customizing items. A great option for yourself or even as a gift for a friend or loved one.


Anything Vintage or Hard-to-Find Items

Anything Vintage or Hard-to-Find Items

If you’re a huge fan of collecting items from the ’80s or even further down the line of history, you’ll probably find them at online auctions. Most people go through websites that offer online shopping in the Philippines and items that are lovingly nostalgic always sell for the best money. Never underestimate the lengths that other people are willing to go to when it comes to buying vintage items because every product has a story or a sentimental value to it.


Collector’s Items

Collectible items such as signed memorabilia, custom artwork, or anything that holds historically significant value are auction items that could potentially ignite bid wars. This is because most of these items are rare and came in limited supply upon their first release. Now, demands are even higher with these items. These types of memorabilia can indeed be pricier but have a huge chance of reaching a larger audience, creating bidding wars that significantly boost the initial price ranges.


Used and Restored Items

Used and Restored Items

Great quality tools can be expensive, and while you can save money on buying cheap tools, they certainly don’t last very long in their lifespan. Online auctions have fantastic selections that come at affordable prices than those you’ll find in retail stores in your area. Just remember that if it’s a used part, you need to conduct a thorough inspection before purchasing it.


Cell phones, Tablets, and Other Gadgets

Some customers are attracted to buying used gadgets such as cell phones because they are looking for cheaper alternatives that come without a binding contract. Before you throw out your old gadgets, check if they’re in good condition. Selling your used gadgets, dismantled tablet parts, smartwatches, laptops, and other technology at an online auction is a promising alternative.


Video Games and Consoles

Video Games and Consoles

Many individuals including adults love to play video games. However, these games or consoles can be pretty expensive in retail stores. If you have a friend or a family member who loves playing video games and is looking to let go of a few of them, you can certainly make profits from these items.

But you have to know what sells and what does not. Video games under the latest systems as vintage consoles from the past decades and are an easy sell as well. Video games and consoles are easy to ship and can be bought at a lower price when buying in bulk as opposed to buying them in individual pieces.  


Quality Shoes and Clothes

People usually donate their pre-loved clothing items at thrift stores but if you’re looking for ways to let go of these items and at the same time, earn profits, online auctions are your best bet. Any high-end clothing or footwear brand in good condition can earn you a good amount of money. Although typically sold at half the price of an item sold at a high-end retail store, most clothing pieces sold at online auctions are limited edition items that people are paying big money for.


Key Takeaway

Online auctions in the Philippines offer a variety of items. Not only with the typical items offered in traditional auctions, but also unique items with an inherent sentimental value.

If you’re contemplating on buying and selling truly special items at an online auction, determine first how unusual those items actually are, then name your price. When you have a rare item available on your hands, some people are willing to pay more than face value to get it. Buying and selling at online auctions requires a lot of patience on your part but can be a rewarding and fulfilling experience as well.