6 Types Of Online Auctions You Can Sell Your Car In

6 Types of Online Auctions You Can Sell Your Car In

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What are 6 types of online auctions you can sell your car in?

  1. Dutch Auction
  2. Chinese Auction
  3. Sealed-Bid First Price Auction
  4. English Auction
  5. All-Pay Auction
  6. Reverse Auction


A car auction in the Philippines could be held online, which could help you reach a larger number of potential bidders all over the world. Similar to live auctions, online auctions are managed by a company that specializes in this particular kind of trade. The process of selling your car is relatively the same online as it is in real life, with the auctioneer opening your car up for bids to be sold to the highest bidder. However, the actual process of bidding comes in a variety of forms.

Read on to learn more about the types of online auctions you can sell your car in.

Dutch Auction

In a dutch auction, the auctioneer opens the bidding for one item with a high price. They subsequently lower the price until a buyer bids on it. The first bidder immediately wins the car you have put up for sale. This is different from the usual kinds of auctions you may be used to, which is where prices go up the more bids are acquired.

If you are interested in selling more than one vehicle, then you can avail of a type of dutch auction called multiple item auction. In this format, bidders will specify how many items they would like to purchase as well as how much they are willing to pay per item. The winning bids are determined by whoever has the highest bid. The difficulty with these two types is that the bidder has the final choice when it comes to how much they would like to bid on. The next type of auction will give you a better chance to earn more money.

Chinese Auction

Chinese Auction

A Chinese auction is also called pick-a-price and is similar to a raffle. In this type of online auction, bidders will purchase tickets which they will use in order to bid. The winner is picked in a raffle-like style. Which means that the more tickets they bid, the higher the possibility of them buying your car. These are usually held in charity or fundraising events if you are interested in donating a percentage of your earnings from your vehicle for a good cause.

Although this kind of auction may be good fun, there are other types of auctions wherein you can get an even higher value for your car.

Sealed-Bid First Price Auction

A sealed-bid first price auction is where bidders submit their bidding amounts at the same time. The winner is whoever bid the highest amount. Take note that no bidder can see how much their competitor bid. The cost you will receive for your car will depend on the highest bidder.

Another type that you can apply for is the sealed-bid second price auction. In this kind, the highest bidder still wins the vehicle, however, they will only need to pay the amount given by the second highest bidder. The difference with this kind of auction is that the prices cannot keep increasing the more bidders there are.

English Auction

English Auction

The most traditional type is the English auction. Bidders bid higher and higher in order to secure their slot and purchase your vehicle. After a set amount of time, the auction house will close the bids and award your vehicle to the highest bidder. To ensure that you make the most out of your money, you can choose to set a reserve price. This will be the first and lowest amount that you are willing to sell your vehicle. This is considered as one of the most common kinds of auction around the world and is the kind usually showcased in media.

One of the most common problems for the bidders in this type of auction is overbidding. The heavy competition can make them spend more than they were expecting, which could be a good thing for you but not for them. There are other forms of auctions that could also make bidders overspend.

All-Pay Auction

This is a kind of game theory wherein bidders will have to pay for the amount that they bid regardless of if they were the highest bidder or not. Due to the silent bidding property of this type of auction, people tend to overspend in order to have the highest bid. Similar to English auctions, the all-pay auction can bring out the competitiveness of a number of bidders.

If you are interested in this kind of auction, make sure to discuss with the auction house the rules as to the percentage of your shares.

Reverse Auction

Reverse Auction

A reverse auction is unlike anything else on this list. As the name implies, this is the complete opposite of a traditional auction. Multiple sellers will now battle it out for their item to be purchased by a buyer. Instead of a buyer bidding on a single item, the item will be offered to them. They are offered a price and will renegotiate until they are willing to pay. The choice of the buyer will depend on their preferences. They may opt for one of the higher priced cars if they believe that it is in better condition than the other vehicles.

Choose the type of auction you want to sell your car in well to get the most out of your vehicle one last time.

Key Takeaway

The type of online car auction in the Philippines you choose to sell your car in will depend entirely on your preferences. Each type has its own benefits which will surely help sell your car to the highest bidder. Trust your vehicle to a professional auction house in order to ensure that it gets sold as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Make sure to do more research on the different types of online car auctions in order to sell your car to its next rightful owner.