A Guide to Car Exchange

Buy-and-Sell Cars in the Philippines: A Guide to Car Exchange

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Buying your own car is not as easy as spotting a shiny auto then riding off into the sunset with it. Some might say that it’s almost like going back to school because you would need to spend a lot of time studying and doing your research to make your purchase worthwhile. The work would not be as tedious as it sounds like, but it is actually an exciting task and your head start in gearing for the road. In the Philippines, buy-and-sell cars are all the rage since it is viewed as a practical and quick process in acquiring your own set of wheels.

However accessible this industry is, this would still require a thorough consideration of a lot of things like your source of car selection. When you have it all mapped out: your budget and the type of car that would work best for you, then the only thing left to do is to get your hands on that ride that you would take home with you.

Some enthusiasts regard buy-and-sell in the Philippines as a business and this would either be a benefit or a loss to the first time car buyer. This is why it is important that you would be knowledgeable before diving into car exchange. For a smooth process in car acquisition, you should ensure that the person you are making a deal with is reliable, transparent, and well-equipped with details about cars.

Let this article be your guide to having a hassle-free deal with buy-and-sell cars, and pick up a few tips so you will be assured of a great sale!

What You Need to Know in Buying Secondhand Cars

What You Need to Know in Buying Secondhand Cars

It is an exciting prospect to buy secondhand cars because the possibilities are endless. You can scope as many choices as you can and you wouldn’t have to deal with long-term payments like you would in a brand new car. However, you need to be a smart buyer when it comes to this market so you would receive your money’s worth.

Aside from having a sweet ride to stay in your garage, having a car would be beneficial if you have decided that you are raising the white flag against the Philippines’ transport system. Commuting to-and-from your location is a dreadful task that locals view as a huge problem in their daily lifestyle, the only solution to this is buying your own car. Well, you would still be stuck in traffic from time to time but at least, you can do it in the comfort of your own vehicle, right?

Kidding aside, buying a car or even truck is a proper investment and one that would mean long-term benefits for you. Going into the buy-and-sell cars Philippine market is not an easy process and it would be filled with many uncertainties, you would be faced with overwhelming criteria so you would land on a vehicle that you both want and need.

Here are a few things you have to check in a vehicle from a buy-and-sell in the Philippines:

  • Mileage  Aside from checking the body of the car, surveying its engine performance, the thickness of the tires; mileage is an important thing to factor in. The number of kilometers the car has traveled is a big selling point in buying used units. You have to determine that the mileage on a car is genuine or else, you will suffer in maintenance costs or in replacing parts. Although you cannot expect a fresh odometer from the used car, you can make sure to ask the details on the mileage of the car you are considering to buy so you will know how you can handle it.
  • Engine Condition  At times, engines can appear as if it is the most efficient machine in the vehicle with its steel all shine and solid. Looks can be deceiving so it is better to have an experienced mechanic to help you with your purchase. First-time buyers overlook this detail and they are more likely to be duped in their purchases because of it.Check the engine for leaks. Ensure that the engine is dry in all localities. If you find a trace of oil in the engine, this signifies that a leakage is present. It will result in a complete overhaul of the engine which includes ripping off the engine block, replacing all seals, and gaskets et cetera.
  • Clutch and Transmission Transmission parts can be highly expensive so it is best if you check this in the car before making a purchase. This is why you should pay attention to this. Try taking the car out for a test drive. Feel the engine respond to your handling, check to see if it is still earnestly and favorably responds when you shift gears.
  • Wheels and Suspension Wheels play an important role in your safety while driving. Ask if the tire tread of each tire has reached the limit of its thread life if it is then it is probably time for a replacement.You can also ensure its performance when you do a test drive on it. Wiggles, squeaks, noise, metal on meta blares and excessive throb indicate a poor suspension system and this will cost you in maintenance.
  • Brakes Also, one of the most important parts to check for your safety in the car, Brakes require your full attention in checking this.Check the car for any signs of leakage. If you see spots drenched in fluid, then the brake lines are leaking and needs immediate repair. A leaking brake system will spell big costs for you later on. Don’t forget to check your e-brake as well.
  • Air Conditioning System This is a make-or-break criterion when selecting a buy-and-sell car in the Philippines. Since the weather can be hot in the country, a reliable air conditioning system. You might as well look the other way if the air condition of the car is busted. In most cases, when a seller says that, “The air-con is fine, it just needs a Freon charge”, this is false since an air-con system that needs Freon charging probably has leaks somewhere in its route.The best thing to find out about it is to test drive the car under the heat, preferably at noon time. If the air-con cannot cool the car enough then there is something wrong with the system.
  • Electricals and Accessories These are not just extra features for your car but they can make all the difference in your safety. Check all the lights; that includes headlights, signal lights, fender lights, brake lights, to name a few. Not only that but you should also check the wiper because you wouldn’t want to be stuck in the middle of the rain with a busted wiper, right?Make sure that the windows and the door locks are both functional so these won’t spell out problems for you in the long run.

Details of the Documents that You Need to Check with Buy-and-Sell Cars 

In order to make the sale a legit one, ask for these documents from the seller of the used car. This will ensure your peace of mind in driving your newly acquired vehicle. Here are the key documents that you should ask for when buying a secondhand car:

Original Copy of Certificate of Vehicle Registration (CR) 

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) issues the Certificate of Motor Vehicle Registration as an official document that shows proof that the vehicle you are about to buy has already been registered.

A vehicle won’t be eligible for registration if it has unsettled police reports and unpaid fines, so this document allows you to check if the used car is clean and free from these conflicts. However, this doesn’t mean that it is a done deal from here. You still need to read what’s written on the registration and make sure that it is not fake.

Original Receipt of Registration (OR) 

The Original Receipt of Registration should be consistent with the details on the Certificate of Vehicle Registration, such as the date of registration. Double check its validity by contacting the LTO.

Without valid documents like the OR and CR, you should think twice about buying that prospective car because you might wound up driving an illegal ride.

Notarized Deed of Sale 

Before proceeding with the transaction, you should have a Deed of Sale prepared and make sure that it is notarized to confirm its legality. This can also serve as your legitimate proof in case your purchase turns out to be a fraud. Together with this, you can also ask for the seller’s valid ID for verification purposes to confirm his/her identity.

How to Spot a Fake Car Dealer

How to Spot a Fake Car Dealer

When buying a used car, make sure that you are getting it from a legitimate seller in order to receive value for your purchase. There are fraudulent sellers who only aim to run off with your money and wouldn’t help you get that dream car of yours.

Easily spot red flags in a seller who cannot present documents to back his ad listing, when the offer is way beyond your expectations, or if the seller side sweeps your questions. There are many cases of this in the buy-and-sell car Philippine industry, especially if it is an online transaction.

Watch out for sellers who turn on their sales talk only to run off with your money when problems arise with the car that you have purchased. Most of these people do not disclose the real condition of the car, covering up the flaws just so they can make a sale. Do not hesitate to run the other way when the seller cannot provide proper identification because he is doing so for a reason and this is to scam you.

Avoid these cases especially in the online market when the only interaction you have can be deleted with a click. It is better to meet them in a well-crowded setting and bring an experienced mechanic with you if you are not very well-versed in car parts. It’s better to be safe than to drive a vehicle that will die on you on your next trip.

What to Do After Buying a Car

There are still few things you have to do before driving your ride home. These are just minor tasks like changing your motor oil, flushing your engine coolant, replace the brake fluid, swap the battery if it isn’t new, or look after the filters under the hood.

This will ensure that you can have a great experience with your newly acquired car. You should also do another examination of the car so you can raise this to the seller if you find any error. Let this article serve as your guide in buying a new vehicle and you would not be lost. This would be helpful when you are ready to buy that new car of yours.

Owning your Dream Car Through HMR Philippines

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