The SEO Effect: HMR Auction and SEO Philippines

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SEO in the Philippines, led by Filipino motivational and leadership speaker Sean Si, is fast-becoming the go-to marketing tool for businesses, no matter what industry they belong in. It can empower a business from its meager presence on the net to becoming a force to reckon with for its competitors. 

Excellence is revered in SEO symbolized by traffic increase, ranking positions, and users enjoying a worthwhile experience while browsing a website. This is especially true for the online auction business of HMR Trading Haus. Take a look at the unmatched results they have garnered from optimizing their site. 

About HMR

It is good being a pioneer in any industry and in the auction business, this generated more than sales for HMR, they have created a legacy. Dubbed as the company that established the first-ever auto auction facility in the country, we pride ourselves in selling more than 5,000 vehicles through online and public auctions. HMR has marked its monumental presence in the auction industry by serving as the representative of modern-day auctions in the Philippines. 

HMR attributes its early days back in 1980, hailing from Melbourne, Australia. Since then, it has expanded to the Philippines in 1992, all while continuing efforts to give the best deals on goods. 

HMR holds the claim to fame as the surplus superstore where you can buy anything and everything. Local goods range from household furniture, office equipment, appliances, apparel, sporting goods, computer parts, industrial tools, bathroom fixtures, construction equipment, machinery, and more. Not only are you getting high quality goods at the lowest price, you also get the best value for your money because of the reliable customer service that we give to customers. We ensure that all products are of the highest accessibility to people who are looking for a specific product. 

Our stores are always ready to assist you with your concerns because everyone is well-equipped with the technical expertise and service experience. Additionally, the efficient warehousing and refurbishing capabilities of our team is unmatched because this helps us server the purpose of delivering goods that are highly affordable and unique for the Philippine Market. 

Discovering the Quality of Surplus with HMR

There are people who shy away at the possibility of engaging in a surplus sale. Nowadays, it’s all about how you can flaunt your transactional experience, either because of its high cost or exclusive acquisition. With HMR, you would not be entrapped with these vanity metrics because you are ensured of the highest quality of goods without breaking your bank. We know that individuals, families, and businesses thrive on sticking on a budget especially when the economic climate can be erratic. HMR strives to help the Filipino people to reduce costs all while receiving the best in quality goods. Surplus equipment have been welcomed in many homes primarily because they serve the same functionality and advantages that you can get from alternative products. 

Even better, HMR Philippines’ specialty is its eye to spot imported surplus items that will eventually give you a great deal. Over 25 years in the business and the team keeps on growing, with more than a dozen outlets within Metro Manila. 

Hiring an SEO Team

With its historical and remarkable progress, it is only natural that HMR kept up with the call for digital marketing. As things are going smooth onsite with HMR ensuring fair market value for all, we have decided that it is now time to go online and see how we can expand our market through online visibility. This is when we have found SEO Hacker, a digital marketing agency specializing in SEO in the Philippines. For businesses who would want to generate growth through online visibility as well, it would do you good to consider some factors about choosing an agency fit for you. 

From the initial agreement up to the operational process, you have to deal with SEOs that have a clear idea of their process flow. This is what we have taken into account once we have found a team to work with. We want to engage in a partnership with a team that values our history enough to empower us in the digital space. 

Bidding on Results: SEO Effects for Our Company

We started doing SEO way back 2018 and we are still experiencing its effects for our online growth. Starting with seed keywords that will help generate organic increase for our site. Here is our improvement since our start date. 

KeywordInitial RankCurrent Rank
Buy and Sell Philippines130th13th
Buy and Sell Cars PhilippinesNot in Top 50017th
Auction Philippines84th4th
Car Auction Philippines86th10th
Online Auction Philippines41st1st

With this, received results through traffic. Here is a visual representation of the results:

HMR is already a prime name in the industry but with the help of digital marketing, we are even more empowered to reach out to the market in even greater heights. We commit to give high quality goods to our customers which is why we have improved our accessibility to them. To be more visible to serve their needs, this is what HMR is all about.